Milford CT  Garden Club 
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Historic Milford in Bloom 1639-2012 

The show was a fabulous success ! Special thank you goes to Marcia Winter and the Milford Historical Society for giving us permission to use their marvelous buildings for our Flower Show. Special thanks to the members of the Historical Society for spending the day with us and acting as docents for all the many visitors who came to see the Flower Show. 
Our sponsors, without whom we could not have had the show, deserve a special thank you . Especially to Port Milford and to Van Wilgens . 

September 22 2012 The Milford Garden Club had a Small Standard Flower Show  "Historic Milford in Bloom 1639-2012" and it was a great success! The lead up to the show was months and months of planning and meetings.  Please enjoy the photos of one of our floral workshops held in August . 
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