Milford CT  Garden Club 
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The Milford Public Library has a lovely native garden. Today May 4th 2016 members had a clean up for spring. 

Our latest project is the establishment of an official City Flower to help commemorate the 375th Anniversary of Milford. 
There will be opportunities for the public to purchase this flower at our May Market on May 10th of this year.  
This native flower is not only beautiful it is also deer resistant!! 

The Milford Public Library Garden

Members of the Committee meet periodically  to overview the contents of the garden by weeding, watering and trimming .

Milford Historical Society Garden
Our ongoing project of recreating a historically accurate garden is continuing to progress.   

Going Native at the Milford Library 

After much planning and preparation, a few frustrating moments and weather events, we finally got the planting done at the Milford Library. Along with Girl Scout Troops 38304, 38318, and 38358 the members of the Garden Club lugged the sixty pound bags of organic matter   ( Thank you to Matt Elmore ) , dug holes deeper and wider than our plants, filled them with water, planted the native flowers and shrubs and watered again.  Our weather has been unseasonably warm for weeks now and a debt of gratitude is owed to the Library Committee for faithfully watering and weeding.  The garden looks wonderful and within a year or two it will all be filled in.  
Next in line for the project will be to complete a brochure listing all the plants we used and the benefits of 'going native' in your garden. 
Special recognition and thanks to the Friends of the Milford Library who generously donated  toward the purchase of materials needed for this very extensive project.  


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